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It is evident that healthcare systems around the world are challenged with the increased numbers of the variety of diseases related to stress, air and water pollution, obesity, etc. From one side these challenges are medical, from another financial and social, or even political. Healthcare case studies are always multidisciplinary, which makes it difficult to write and solve them. It is possible that writing a healthcare case study you will have to pay attention to the following disciplines, branches of sciences:

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  • Management. Healthcare management is one of the most popular topics used for cases. Nowadays, it can be accompanied with some facts regarding marketing and finances. In this case, you will have to consider business models more than medical and nursing components.
  • Social and Gender studies. When speaking about healthcare in the UK or US, for example, Gender studies are already less applicable and are used less for case studies writing. However, when it comes to the countries where women rights are not protected enough, healthcare gets almost fully dependent on social factors and gender roles.
  • Political Science. It won't come as a surprise if we say that healthcare depends on politics. For example, after ObamaCare implementation, most of the Healthcare courses added case studies and research papers related to this new policy.

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