Progressive Delivery

With the Progressive Delivery option, everything is under your control.

  • You receive the ordered extended case study part by part. You can ask for some adjustments based on your initial instructions.
  • You pay for your case study in installments, spreading out payments over time.
  • There is a manager assigned to keep an eye on your order and its upcoming parts. He or she makes sure everything is delivered on time.
  • The delivery of every piece is pre-scheduled.
  • You have 21 days of free revisions starting from the day you make the first approval of the order.

Progressive delivery is a compelling option which makes our clients’ experience with us more secure and satisfactory.

How to order our progressive delivery option

To use our well-thought-out and efficient Progressive Delivery option you have to pay only 10% on top of the overall cost of your order. The progressive Delivery option is the best way to keep everything under control and have an opportunity to react immediately if something is written not the way you've expected.

Terms and conditions

There are some practical limitations which occur when ordering Progressive Delivery. If your order should be submitted in less than three days and its overall cost is less than $200 the Progressive Delivery option cannot be applied. Progressive delivery is obligatory for every order with the deadline exceeding 7 days and with an overall cost of more than $600.


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