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The main problem of teaching sociology is the abstractness of the taught knowledge. This is felt in the teaching of practical topics of the course "Sociology." The training itself is reduced to the fact that students memorize concepts, a concise content of sociological theories and give examples. This knowledge is initially superficial. It forms ideas about society as a static and rigid education. The most important thing, however, is that with such training, the real social life and the ideas about it are almost completely divergent. Training does not significantly affect the student's worldview. Therefore, sociology, as a college discipline is interesting for students. With such teaching, the destiny of the learned knowledge by the student is pitiable: it must be quickly forgotten because it is inapplicable in practical life.

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It is believed that the application of the case method to the Sociology studies allows for solving such problems as:

  • development of interest in information objects;
  • strengthening the motivation of students of colleges universities to study information technologies,
  • forming information-communicative and technological skills of organizing and presenting information,
  • creating information models, the development of socialization.

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  • Thanks to the combination of descriptiveness and analytics, case studies have become widespread in sociology science. It found application in studies of sociology, based on the use of "non-traditional" methods of collecting information. The method's capabilities are relevant for studying the sociology of everyday life, intellectual sociology, biography, gender studies and other areas of the new social history. Sociology case study help is something that allows you to pay attention to any other activities than writing when you truly need it.
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