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The medical case is a clinical situational task that the learner must solve, and this task can exist in different forms. Nursing case studies can be presented in the form of text, media, and graphical information. Famous author of "Three exemplary models of case based teaching" article defines three basic forms of the case study related learning in Nursing:

  • case-bedside teaching (teaching theory in the classroom and practice at the patient's bed);
  • case-didactic teaching (study cases are kept to a minimum, in the foreground - lectures on the topics that were in the cases);
  • case-iterative teaching (in-depth study of complex clinical cases "step by step").
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Nursing studies require excellence in all three types. We can't make practice at the patient's bed for you but we can write a high-quality nursing case study which will shine to your professor's eyes. The nursing school case study has to be in a specific format, be it a report or reflective paper on the ethical behavior of specialists in this field. That is why getting nursing case study help implies getting a good sample which will be a form of assistance when you need to write such a paper on your own later. Nursing students, as well as others, can learn a lot from examples written by professionals.

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We Help Nursing Students with Their Case Studies

Here in we like actual work more than we like words. So let show you a short demo of how our writers will deal with a custom Nursing case study in question. We receive an order from a customer with a case study like this:

A generalized formulation of the problem. The effectiveness of the therapeutic process is largely determined by the relationship between the doctor and the patient. Evaluate the relationship between the doctor and the patient. You can analyze different possible scenarios.

The key task. Suggest an optimal version of the doctor's behavior in a specific situation.

The context of the problem. During the examination, the traumatologist/surgeon mockingly addresses the patient - a teenager of 15 years: "With such fractures, son, you can forget about clubs and parties for at least the whole summer."

Here is how we will solve it:

  1. An assigned writer will first of all elaborate on the factors that determine the patient's setting for cooperation with a doctor.
  2. To make this nursing case study look profound our writer will determine the type of communication barrier associated with the formation of interpersonal relations between the doctor and the patient.
  3. To connect this practical example with theoretical background an assigned author will establish a model of the doctor-patient relationship. Basically, using example given in a case study, a case study writer will highlight the psychological characteristics of the doctor, preventing the establishment of psychological contact and the formation of confidence in the patient.
  4. To make a high-quality nursing study complete our writer will suggest an optimal version of the doctor's behavior in a specific situation.

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